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Thanks to our highly-qualified staff and the perfect equipment, restoring classic cars has never been easier. Some skills can only be passed down through decades of experience. Every job, whether it be mechanical, electrical, bodywork or interior trim is treated by specialists. We live classics, we breathe classics, and we know classics.


Repair & Maintence

Not only are our master craftsmen able to assess the damage, accurately quote and reconstruct it perfectly as the maker intended, we also have the equipment so it’s all done in-house.


With our highly-qualified skilled in-house engineers and staff, we do full classic car exterior and interior (mechanical, electrical, body, denting and upholstery) that few others can match, became our specialty, and we restore any make or model of vehicles.

Nothing is more important on a classic car than preventative maintenance. We can advise on likely issues in Summer/winter or mileage or fatigue-based to ensure you’re not left stranded by something that could have been sorted at a far more convenient time.


Buy & Sell

You can purchase any classic car in our inventory that you like. You can also sell your esteemed classic car to us. We will ensure a smooth trade during this transaction and will take care of all your needs related to buying and selling services of any classic car.


Payment Plans

We offer payment plans up to 5 years, to facilitate the payment of your dream car.



Our skill is ensuring that everything is restored to period correct condition and done the correct way, which is not necessarily the easiest way. With Classico Motors we invest time to make sure that every stage is accurate. We became specialized in the classic cars’ restoration development in the last 6 years. Our plan is to be one of the leaders in the classic cars’ collections and restoration in our region using the most classic and original way to do so.