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Classico Motors

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About Classico Motors

Classico Motors is established in Abu Dhabi , UAE since 2017, founded for the passion of classic cars. The Classico Motors has something for everyone. We focus on various services such as specialized workshop and restorations.

We aim to be a one-stop-solution for any classic car owner. We are cooperating with specialized companies in Europe, US and Japan for the classic cars and spare parts. When it comes to classics & vintage cars, it’s not good enough to merely repair or replace. Maintenance and restoration are an art that can only be performed by skilled craftsmen.

You won’t find us mixing the ordinary with the extraordinary at Classico Motors because our cars deserves the care and attention that others cannot deliver.

Classico Motors helps you to diverse your portfolio by buying or renovating classic cars. We have been working in the automotive sector since 2011, then work in classic cars has been developed since 2017. In our inventory we more than 100 cars of different brands, and over the past 7 years we have renovated more than 70 cars of different brands. We sell to international markets and provide quality at a good price.

What We Do


Repair & Maintence

Not only are our master craftsmen able to assess the damage, accurately quote and reconstruct it perfectly as the maker intended, we also have the equipment so it’s all done in-house. With our highly-qualified skilled in-house engineers and staff ...

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Our skill is ensuring that everything is restored to period correct condition and done the correct way, which is not necessarily the easiest way. With Classico Motors we invest time to make sure that every stage is accurate.

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Our Workshop

Here at The Classico Motors we have our
own dedicated classic car workshop.

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